Arlesheim, Basel-Landschaft (BL), Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Switzerland

[1984 Nikon FE2 SLR 35-mm roll film camera, s/n 1816483, with Nikkor AI 50-mm f/1.8 lens, s/n 2336591, and 52-mm polarizing filter;
Kodak Ektar 125 (Kodak 5101 | Ektar 125-1) 36-exposure colour negative film]

© Copyright photograph by Stephan Alexander Scharnberg, November 1991

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I recently found these remnants of a letter and a card, written both sides, in one of my boxes of memories. I am somewhat embarrassed by my arrogant twenty-two-year-old self in the scrap of letter (top image). Note that I was rather partial to the French beer, Kronenbourg, at the time. My brother, Felix Hayo Scharnberg, was in an apprenticeship in Weßling, Oberbayern, Westdeutschland, as cabinet maker, finishing carpenter, and building staircases (middle image; front of card). Almut Weigandt (bottom image; back of card, in her neat hand) was a co-worker and friend at Fondation Perceval (Camphill) in Saint-Prex, Vaud, Switzerland. She was a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent young woman from Kassel in West Germany. This friendship faded with time and distance.

© Copyright letter and card, Stephan Alexander Scharnberg, September 1984/Almut Weigandt, September 1984


verdadverde said...

I'm glad i found your blog. Cheers from Miami!

Anonymous said...

You never told me about Almut!! Uncle Dan

Purpur said...

Everyone should be cocky at 22! You are young, beautiful, glorious future awaits you and anything is possible! Now we know that the firs two statements are true, but the last two are naive wishing.

wiLdaN roMan'S said...

I wanted to follow him, because I'm also sick of life in the world ....!!


hhgygy said...

Quite an interesting blog.
Cheers from Budapest, Hungary