Arlesheim, Basel-Landschaft (BL), Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Switzerland

[1984 Nikon FE2 SLR 35-mm roll film camera, s/n 1816483, with Nikkor AI 50-mm f/1.8 lens, s/n 2336591, and 52-mm polarizing filter;
Kodak Ektar 125 (Kodak 5101 | Ektar 125-1) 36-exposure colour negative film]

© Copyright photograph by Stephan Alexander Scharnberg, November 1991

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fairy Lake, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada in summer 1969

On a day road trip in our 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1c) Model 231 Kombi from Duncan to Port Renfrew by way of Shawnigan Lake, the main branch logging road through Koksilah, with the famous suspension bridge that could support fully-loaded logging trucks, father at full speed down one end of the bridge, through its natural dip, and mit Schwung up the other side, and the Harris Creek Main. Here we are enjoying lunch with the Rachel family (their second son Andrew ? just visible at the start of this film roll), my mother Doris Scharnberg, myself Stephan Alexander Scharnberg (a few months shy of my seventh birthday), my brother Felix Hayo Scharnberg, and my sister Anya Maureen Scharnberg (our youngest sister Alison Oona Scharnberg joining the family just over a year later). Fairy Lake picnic site and campground near Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada in summer 1969.

[1959 Kodak Retina IIIS (Type 027) rangefinder 35-mm roll film camera, s/n 86125, with Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenon 50-mm f/1.9 Synchro Compur lens, s/n 6841319]  
© Copyright photographs by Uwe Kündrunar Scharnberg, 1969 / Stephan Alexander Scharnberg, June 2011